What Are Rare Earth Elements?

By Edwin Tucker If you are using a computer screen to access this article, rare earth elements are involved. Europium, Terbium and Cerium all play key parts in the production of flat panel screens. These essential elements have made possible most of the devices that we associate with modern life. While the mainstream press has … Read more

Introduction to Trading IPO’s

There are basically two types of companies: private and public. A private is just that, a company that is wholly owned by a group (or individual), that makes the decisions for the company without having to get approval from any sort of outside agency, i.e. board.  A public company is a company that has issued … Read more

Bullish on Apple

My intraday pattern work in Apple (AAPL) argues that the correction of this morning’s high at 266.47 is nearing completion ahead of a resumption of strength that should make its way back towards the 260 and then the 266 intraday target zones. In our Webinar yesterday, whose video clip on Apple (AAPL) is attached below, … Read more

What the end of 2007 showed

by Giorgos E. Siligardos The end of 2007 was characterized by extreme values in various indicators of stock market analysis. In this article I will review and analyze four of them. I will use the term “indicator” here not necessarily according to the technical analysis jargon but rather as a set of clues (either measurable … Read more

Interest Rates And The Stock Market

by Giorgos E. Siligardos As of this writing (March 17, 2008), the status of interest rates sends some important messages to the stock market investors. This article aims at reading and decoding these messages. DEBT SECURITIES AND THE STOCK MARKET In his book, “Intermarket Technical Analysis” (see [2]), John Murphy stresses the positive relation between … Read more