The Brain on Trading: Emotional Intelligence and the Trader’s Mind

An Emotional Braking System Failure “I left money on the table yesterday, and I’m not going to leave money on the table this time!” Harry silently declared, “I’ve missed out too many times – I’m going to ride this one and clean up.” Harry could feel the excitement pulsing in his veins – he could … Read more

Trading Psychology

The role of psychology in the world of trading is of tremendous importance. Here is a collection of articles from leading traders and educators covering the topic. The Mental Aspect of Trading by Linda Bradford Raschke The Best Psychological Test of All By Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. Psychology of Trading by Jason Alan Jankovsky How … Read more

The Technical Aspects of Trading Emotions

By Martha Stokes, C.M.T. © copyright 2007 all rights reserved. Every seminar and book will tell you that controlling your emotions and having discipline in you’re trading are essential to your success. But no one tells you how to achieve emotional control and personal discipline while trading the market. Every trader sees the market differently … Read more

The Delusional Trader

By Adrienne Toghraie ©2009, Reprinted with permission of Traders World Magazine ( Psychologists would tell you that being in a delusional state means that you are psychotic – obviously not a good thing, especially when you need to know what is really going on in the world. But, strangely enough, sometimes it can work for … Read more

Why Is Day Trading So Difficult?

There are three main reasons why day trading is so difficult: 1)When day trading, trading time is compressed. Losses and wins come at you faster and more often which requires a mature, developed psychology to properly handle that kind of instantaneous feedback in such a short period of time. 2)You must develop the psychology not … Read more