Gold still Golden for Put Sellers

It’s the commodity with which non-commodity investors are most familiar. It’s probably the most “emotionally” driven commodity where core supply demand factors matter little.  And no matter what price it’s at, somebody always loves it. It’s Gold. And no matter what your investment experience, I’d be willing to bet that you’ve at least considered buying … Read more

Volatility means Time for Option Sellers to Make Hay

By: James Cordier, Michael Gross, Gold and Silver Call Sales look Particularly Overvalued after Equities Market Plunge Is it me or is anybody else getting tired of hearing another stock analyst tell CNBC what a great “buying opportunity” the latest equities collapse is offering? It’s nice to be in a business where you don’t … Read more

Selling Options on Energies: Is Oil Bull Running out of Gas?

For those busy watching equities, health care debates or the latest unemployment data, you may not have noticed that crude oil has been in an aggressive bull market since February. While the debate rages on as to if there will be a “double dip” in the economy or a second crash in the stock market, … Read more

Natural Gas: Supply, Supply and More Supply

By: James Cordier, Michael Gross, If you liked it at $6.00, you should have loved it at $5.00. You could have “backed the truck up” at $4.00. So now what do you do with prices sporting a “3” handle? Natural Gas and Natural Gas stocks have been the darling of several high profile media … Read more