Trader Tax Forms

By Jim Forrester, CPA Trader income tax preparation can be overwhelming for the first-time filer. Even many experienced traders prefer to entrust their federal income tax return to Traders Accounting’s tax professionals rather than battle it alone. You know trading; we know trader taxes. It’s just common sense. But all traders can benefit from a … Read more

Trade as a Business Entity and Reap the Benefits

By Jim Forrester, CPA The Internal Revenue Service has two tax codes: one for businesses, the other for individuals. Because businesses grow money both by paying taxes and employing other taxpayers, they are rewarded and encouraged through a benevolent tax code. Individuals, however, are treated far more harshly by routine tax hikes and diminishing deductions. … Read more

Schedule D Tax Breaks

“How I Turned My Frustration With the Schedule D Into a Tax Break I Could Drive My SUV Through” If you are a trader and you want to reduce your taxes, there are issues potentially worth many thousands of dollars to you that you need to consider right away. In this article we are going … Read more

Paying Your Estimated Quarterlies

The following is a summary of the requirements for paying your estimated quarterly taxes. Individuals: The general rule is that at least 90% of an individual’s final income tax liability is to be paid through either withholding or estimated tax payments. The estimated tax is the amount of income and self-employment taxes, as well as … Read more

Mark-to-Market Accounting

One of the most important decisions you will make as a trader is whether to elect the mark-to-market (MTM) accounting method. Although MTM is only available to traders, not investors, and does offer some significant tax advantages, it is not right for everyone. What makes this decision so important is that once you select MTM, … Read more