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Exotic Carry Trade Strategies

The Carry Trade strategy in forex trading involves buying a high yielding currency and selling a lower yielding currency. In doing this you will capture the interest rate differential. For example if the New Zealand Dollar has an interest rate of xx and the Japanese Yen has an interest rate of xx. If an investor […]

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Turtle Traders

Famous commodities trader Richard Dennis was having an ongoing debate with his friend and business partner Bill Eckhardt about whether great traders are born or made – whether it is possible to teach the ability to trade successfully. While Dennis firmly believed that trading abilities could be broken down into a quantifiable system of rules […]

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Liquidation Arbitrage

Liquidation arbitrage is a strategy to profit from a company’s aquisition or breakup based on research showing that the value of a company’s liquidation assets is greater than it’s stock value. The strategy can be highly profitable due to the fact that many businesses own assets that their stock market valuation does not reflect, for […]

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Trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all individuals. Past Performance is not indicative of future results.