My Best Idea for Small Investors

Stocks are a wonderful investment but they will not be the right choice for small investors looking at trading for a living. A widely cited figure is that stocks return about 10 percent a year in the long run. If a successful trader can triple that, a 30 percent annual return will not amount to … Read more


NinjaTrader is a developer of trading software for the active trader – a complete end to end trading platform catering to discretionary and automated traders of futures, equities and forex markets. The software is available at over 100 brokerage firms worldwide. Denver, CO based NinjaTrader was founded in 2003 by Raymond Deux, an active futures … Read more

Long the Basis

A person or firm that has bought the spot commodity and hedged with a sale of futures is said to be long the basis.

Basis Swap

A swap whose cash settlement price is calculated based on the basis between a futures contract and the spot price of the underlying commodity or a closely related commodity on a specified date.


US dollar deposits placed with banks outside the US. Holders may include individuals, companies, banks, and central banks. See also: Trading Eurodollars