NinjaTrader is a developer of trading software for the active trader – a complete end to end trading platform catering to discretionary and automated traders of futures, equities and forex markets. The software is available at over 100 brokerage firms worldwide.

Denver, CO based NinjaTrader was founded in 2003 by Raymond Deux, an active futures trader. In 2005 NinjaTrader acquired TradeMagic, the developer of an advanced .NET trading framework, which served as the foundation for growth into trading system development and automated trading. NinjaTrader version 6 was released in 2007 which included full trading system development via NinjaScript, chart based trading and real time multi-instrument scanning.


3 thoughts on “NinjaTrader

  1. Running NinjaTrader’s DOM on Zen-Fire next to XTrader and OEC is no comparison. Updates occur in NT’s DOM faster than the others compared.

  2. Nice software package. Very powerful for being free. Contains a ton of features and is really well thought out. Use with any of the big brokerages. Superb charting. Superb scripting. Superb auto trading features through their ATM.

  3. NinjaTrader is excellent. I have been using TradeStation for the past several years for automated strategy development and recently switched to NinjaTrader. It is C# based and provides and event driven model, something that TS has been lacking. In addition to TS brokerage, I have several accounts at other brokerage all which NinjaTrader supports. I highly recommend this product. It is free until you start trading live.

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