How to Exploit High Frequency Traders

- Learn how you can take advantage of HFT activity instead of watching it move without you. - Learn the tricks to identifying where the HFTs are going to trigger next, and how to trade their wave of action. - Charts will be studied in detail with attendee participation. - Martha is a master at f

Student Loan Rates Increase July 1 Amid $1.2 Trillion Debt Crisis

Aaron Task: Last year, right around this time, there was a big bruhaha in congress over Stafford loans – well, they’re set to increase again next month – the bump in rates only apply to loans taken out after July 1st – how will this affect students and their families, many o

YouTube Content Creator Devin Graham Discusses FullScreen at VidCon

Julia Boorstin: I’m Julia Boorstin reporting from VidCon where almost 20,000 YouTube content creators, fans and advertisers are gathering to talk about the future of online video. I’m joined now by one of those content creators his name is Devin Graham, who on YouTube goes by the name o

Is GoPro a Risky Investment?

Lauren Lyster: Share of GoPro jumped more than 30% above their IPO price, early Thursday afternoon, on the first day of trading for the maker of HD high action cameras. The company may be a darling of Wall Street, but is the stock a good bet for average investors? Jeff Reeves of j

Ex-ambassador Adam Ereli on Iraq: ‘I think a three-way split is going to happen’

CNBC: You’ve been closely involved with the situation in Iraq for over a decade, do you beleive that John Kerry and now Angela Merkel are right, pushing for a unity government at this stage? Adam Ereli: Oh, absolutely, it’s the only way out of the mess – I’m a little sceptic

Why the Fed is Not Concerned About Rising Inflation

Lauren Lyster: When it comes to the economy, one of the biggest concerns at the moment is inflation, which is punishing families – that’s what our next guest writes, and she points to rising food and gas prices – yet Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, just last week indicated she

NinjaTrader 7: Diversify Your Trading Portfolio Not Your Platform

The Advanced Trading Techniques and Market Analytics with NinjaTrader 7 video covers the following: • Maximize profit potential by trading directly off your chart using automatic trailing stops and profit targets. • Learn how to go both long and short on the same instrument in the same accoun

Mike Paulenoff: Safe Sectors, Dangerous Sectors

Technical strategist Mike Paulenoff, founder of, shares his analysis of trending sectors and ETFs, addressing 1) What are the key sectors in play from a macro and technical perspective? and 2) What are the best trading opportunities in the ETFs and key component stocks of these sectors

Andrei Knight: Using Fibonacci in Trading

Andrei Knight is a fund manager, trading coach, and a highly sought-after speaker who has appeared at trading conferences all over the world, including the World Money Show, World Energy Forum, Forex Expo, and the International Traders Conference as a keynote speaker. He is the author of “Tra

Dave Landry: Getting Into Emerging Trends Early With Bowties and First Thrusts

Trends don’t seem to last as long as they used to. However, you can’t just sell a market because it is high or buy it because it is low. Top picking and bottom picking is a loser’s game. You’re much better off waiting for signs that a new trend may be emerging and then look