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BlackBerry crumbles

BlackBerry enjoyed a bit of a turnaround in 2014. But sales continue to plunge and it’s doubtful that the new, retro Classic phone will get people addicted to CrackBerry again.

Apple Pay Gains More Clients: Here’s Why

Apple announced on Tuesday that it has signed up more big banks, retail stores, and start-ups to adopt Apple Pay.

Fed optimistic on US economy

The US Federal Reserve has sent a clear signal that it expects to start raising interest rates around the middle of 2015. Ewen Cameron Watt, chief investment strategist at BlackRock, talks to Ralph Atkins about why the Fed is being more optimistic.

Russia’s economy in chaos

Russia’s economy, ruble currency and stock market are all tumbling as oil prices plummet. Will dramatic interest rate hikes be enough to pull Russia back from the abyss?

Apple Stops Online Sales in Russia Over Ruble Fluctuation

Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Apple has halted online sales in Russia due to “extreme” ruble fluctuations, the company said. Bloomberg’s Tom Giles reports on “Bloomberg West.”

Google’s Schmidt on hubris and innovation

Dec 12, 2014 : The FT’s US Managing Editor Gillian Tett drew some insights from Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt at the FT’s Innovate conference, on what stands out in future innovation, why arrogance in the tech world is necessary, and how long it takes riders to stop pan

Why Apple is still a cheap stock

Has the potential for Apple Pay been priced into Apple shares?

Will markets recover next week?

Markets are tumbling, will the slump continue into next week?

Wireless wars killing telco stocks

There’s a price war in wireless. That’s great news for consumers shopping for a new smartphone … but terrible for investors in Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Deflation dread hits Germany

Dec 12, 2014 : As WTI crude oil prices dropped below $60 per barrel, the German bund market signalled deflation ahead for the next five years. John Authers discusses the implications.