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Tesla scores big with consumers

A new version of the Tesla Model S scores Consumer Reports’ highest rating ever.

Future of the euro

Martin Wolf, FT chief economics commentator, reviews ‘Europe’s Orphan: The Future of the Euro and the Politics of Debt’ by Martin Sandbu, in which he argues there is nothing wrong with the euro itself, but rather with decisions made by policymakers.

Amazon: On-demand food with your on-demand booze?

The company might be experimenting with on-demand restaurant delivery to take on Seamless.

Battle for oil dominance

CNBC’s Phil Han reports on how some of the world’s leading oil exporters are playing a game of chicken to see who will survive near record low oil prices.

Has Apple peaked?

With the tech giant’s stock stalling after a rough week in China, Fortune’s Andrew Nusca and Erin Griffith debate whether Apple’s best days are behind it.

What the heck is going on with stocks?

CNN’s Richard Quest explains the extreme volatility in the stock market and why you should be thinking about the long-term trend, rather than the daily swings.

Peter Schiff’s bearish take on stocks

According to Euro Pacific Capital’s Peter Schiff, America is “teetering on the brink of recession.”

Grey Monday

The scariest day on world markets since the 2008-09 crisis was bad, but did not quite qualify as a new Black Monday. John Authers reports on hectic trading, and on hopes that a change in US monetary policy will be delayed.

At some point Netflix has to make money: Porter Bibb

El-Erian: Selling not over yet

Allianz chief economic adviser Mohamed El-Erian, discusses factors that can take the market higher.