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Share a Coke with Green Mountain?

Speculation rises that Coca-Cola may buy Keurig Green Mountain entirely.

Better Your Trading with Market Internals

Tim Racette of EminiMind.com shares the techniques he uses to interpret which way the markets are headed using market internals. These indicators give pro traders the edge when entering and exiting the markets in both intraday and long term positions.

Velocity Swing Trading with HFT Momentum

Martha Stokes CMT is a renowned educator who teaches retail and technical traders how to exploit dominant market participant groups by making short-term trading focused, reliable, and lucrative.

Here’s why there’s no ISIS oil shock

Tesla Shares Worth $320, But Not Quickly: Morgan Stanley

‘We think Tesla is in fact the most important car company in the world’ says Morgan Stanley Managing Director Adam Jonas.

Yahoo to Buy AOL?

Yahoo, enriched by it’s 23% ownership of Alibaba may consider the acquisition of AOL.

Another financial crisis is inevitable: Martin Wolf

Martin Wolf, Chief Economics commentator of the Financial Times on the inevitability of another financial crisis.

Apple’s iPhone 6 is out today: is Samsung dead in the water?

Tech fans are lining up around the block and camping out for days– all in the quest to be the first to get their hands on the latest Apple (AAPL) iPhone.

Facebook Tries to Muscle In on YouTube

Facebook has reached out to some of YouTube’s content-producing heavyweights in hopes they’ll distribute their videos on the social networking site. WSJ’s Reed Albergotti reports.

Is the Market Headed Into a Selloff Mode?

Greylock Capital’s Hans Humes, UBS U.S. Equity and Derivatives Strategist Julian Emanuel, Brean Capital Head of macro Strategy Peter Tchir and Bloomberg’s Michael McKee discuss equities, the bond markets, retail sales and consumer sentiment. They speak on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)