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Characteristics of a Successful Trader

Drawing on their years of experience evaluating thousands of traders and helping lead hundreds to a funded trading account Michael Patak and John Hoagland of TopstepTrader present on the Characteristics of a Successful Trader. Is it inherit? Is it the strategy or plan they follow? The psychology and behavior they implement? What unique traits do […]

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How to Exploit High Frequency Traders

– Learn how you can take advantage of HFT activity instead of watching it move without you. – Learn the tricks to identifying where the HFTs are going to trigger next, and how to trade their wave of action. – Charts will be studied in detail with attendee participation. – Martha is a master at […]

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NinjaTrader 7: Diversify Your Trading Portfolio Not Your Platform

The Advanced Trading Techniques and Market Analytics with NinjaTrader 7 video covers the following: • Maximize profit potential by trading directly off your chart using automatic trailing stops and profit targets. • Learn how to go both long and short on the same instrument in the same account usingNinjaTrader’s powerful Strategy Selection Mode. • Explore […]

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Mike Paulenoff: Safe Sectors, Dangerous Sectors

Technical strategist Mike Paulenoff, founder of, shares his analysis of trending sectors and ETFs, addressing 1) What are the key sectors in play from a macro and technical perspective? and 2) What are the best trading opportunities in the ETFs and key component stocks of these sectors? Learn from this 35-year Wall Street veteran […]

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