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Market Analysis and Forecasting Software

Gecko Software: TradeMiner

A new software trading tool that helps identifies trading opportunities through the use of Artificial Intelligence and brute force mathematics. Website: www.trademiner.com


Market Profile Software Successful trading is, in most cases, about identifying and capitalizing on an ‘edge’.  The primary benefit of the Market Profile rests in its unique ability to give traders that edge by facilitating the interpretation of market-generated data.  How does it accomplish t

MotiveWave Software

MotiveWave’s Charting, Analysis and Trading Platform is designed to make trading and market analysis easier. Advanced easy-to-use charts support a wide variety of analysis techniques including: Elliott Wave Theory, Fibonacci, Gann, Linear Regressions, Advanced Commentary, General Analysis (Cha

Trendsetter Software

http://www.trendsoft.com/ “Our software has won awards in the annual Stocks and Commodities reader’s survey in BOTH the “Trading Systems Stocks” AND “Trading Systems Futures” categories making it the highest ranking Macintosh program for seven straight years. Revi


Worden is a vendor of stock Market research, stock data, charting software and online market web tools. TeleChart 2007 allows you to maintain a highly-indexed, massive stock market databank locally on your hard drive that allows for high speed custom sorts, charts and scans. Website: Worden.com


http://new.wizetrade.com/ WIZETRADE™’s Red Light- Green Light Indicator System displays a stock’s performance in just seconds! With WIZETRADE™ 7.0 you can even seamlessly submit a trade after you have analyzed it with WIZETRADE™ 7.0’s revolutionary lights and charts with several years in

Weather Insight

http://www.weatherinsight.com/ Weather Insight provides tailored weather services for the energy industry.  These weather services meet the rigorous and growing needs of industry meteorologists as well as provide key ‘market information’ to help traders better understand the influence weather m


“Wave59 RT contains extremely powerful techniques that can give you a real edge when trading the financial markets. From genetic algorithms to composite cycle prediction techniques, this software contains some of the most advanced algorithms ever applied to the finan


http://www.vectorvest.com/ VectorVest Market Timing and Stock Analysis Software.


Market Technologies was founded in 1979 by Louis B. Mendelsohn. VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software covers futures, commodites, Forex and ETF’s. Website: vp.tradertech.com