Trading as a Means to Early Retirement

by Tim Racette of What is the meaning of life, and what is the point of it all? Two questions posed by author Tim Ferris in The 4-Hr Work Week. The answer; it doesn’t really matter. We’d be better off asking what do you want to achieve in your life, and what kind of … Read more

The Three Pillars Of Trading By Dave Landry

Most focus on the importance of a viable methodology when looking to trade and forget about the other crucial aspects: the money management and trader’s psychology involved with following the methodology. Therefore, in this webinar, Dave focuses on 3 Pillars of trading: 1. The Methodology 2. Money Management 3. Trader’s Psychology For methodology, Dave describes … Read more

Mike Paulenoff: Short-term Opportunities in Gold, Oil, Technology & Other Trending Sectors

Technical strategist Mike Paulenoff shares how he identifies short-term opportunities in gold, oil, the dollar, the e-mini S&P, and other indices and asset classes via their ETFs and leading component stocks. Mike will demonstrate, with live charts, how he uses pattern recognition, oscillators, and market psychology overlaid with macroeconomic analysis. Author of, a real-time … Read more