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Tax-Free Bond Exchange Traded Funds: The Ultimate Capture-the-Dividend Play

There is one event and one event only that investors know will happen and for how much on Wall Street; and that is the payment of a dividend. The dividend payment, amount and date are announced well in advance. For this reason, investors should look to develop a strategy to capitalize on this kno

Dividend ETFs: Income Option For Troubled Times

John D. Rockefeller once had this to say about happiness. “Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends come in.” Old man Rockefeller had it right. At a time when investors crave regular income, dividend ETFs are in demand, and when they  “come in”, they

Sun Shines On Solar/Green Energy ETFs

While scientists fight it out over climate change; i.e. what the damage is, who’s causing it, and what to do about it, investors are looking to make hay on solar energy ETFs. It’s one of the most highly-funded investment areas by world governments, and those investments are expected to r

Industrial ETF’s Flex Their Muscles

By Brian O’Connell (June 2011) With the economy seemingly on a slower pace, if not stalled out completely, anxious Americans – and anxious investors – are turning back to basics. That means more buying more consumer staples, more bonds, and more consumer industrials. That’s right  ̵

Wall Street Shuffle: Despite Poor Start To ’11, Financial ETFs Earn Closer Look

By Brian O’Connell Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Financial service exchange traded funds (ETFs) haven’t had a banner year so far. How bad is it? Put it this way – if financial ETFs were a major league baseball team, they’d be the Mets. According to the Russell 2000 Index

Preferred Customer: ETF Makes Elite Stocks Open For Everyone

By Brian O’Connell If you’re rich enough – or otherwise have access to your local private country club’s locker room – sooner or later you’ll hear a pair of wealthy golfers discussing their preferred stock holdings. It’s a sad fact that you usually find preferred stockholders in el

Have ETF, Will Travel: Emerging Markets a Natural For Global Investing

By Brian O’Connell Exchange traded funds (ETF’s) are big business – no doubt about that. According to a recent study by Black Rock International, at the end of February 2011, the global ETF industry had 2,557 ETFs with 5,802 listings and assets of $1.3 trillion (in U.S. dollars) from 140 p

Gold ETF’s Shine In Inflationary Times

By Brian O’Connell What to make of the current inflationary economic climate? To hear a government economist tell it, it’s basically “nothing to worry folks. Nothing to see here.” That’s pretty much what Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said in a press conference on April 27. Bern

Inflation Fighting Investment? Try Currency ETF’s

By Brian O’Connell Former President Ronald Reagan once defined inflation as “violent as a mugger, as frightening as a mugger, and as deadly as a hit man.” Our 40th president wasn’t exaggerating. Inflation is nature’s financial way of eating your income without you knowing it – or at

A New ETF Lets You Get There from Here

A few weeks ago I told you about opportunities in a huge Asian country overshadowed by an even bigger neighbor. I was talking about India. The bigger neighbor, of course, is China. There’s a similar situation in South America … a dominant giant (Brazil) that can make us overlook smaller