The 7 Best Gold IRA Companies for 2023

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Investing in gold IRA is rapidly becoming one of the smartest investments you can make into your retirement fund. It is considered to be an effective way of hedging against inflation and safeguarding your portfolio against stock market volatility.

The challenge however, as with all investment industries, is in finding the right gold IRA company that is most tailored to your needs; that is trustworthy, that is compliant and of course reliable.

We have analyzed and reviewed a selection of the most reputable companies in the industry and have put together a comprehensive summary of these so that our readers will be best equipped to make informed decisions when choosing the right gold IRA company for them.

Why should you trust our review? We guarantee that the information in this review is as unbiased as possible. Our team has summarized the services provided by each company using data driven methodologies to best evaluate each product, helping you to find the best retirement accounts for your portfolio.

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The Best Gold IRA Companies

1. Augusta Precious Metals

Open Account
Star rating: 4.95
Minimum IRA Account: $50,000
Eligible Precious Metals: Gold and Silver

Why We Picked It

Augusta Precious Metals is one of the leading precious metals IRA companies in the industry. The company was founded in 2012 and has been operating with a strong drive to empower Americans to diversify their retirement savings and protect their financial future.

With thousands of five-star ratings, perfect A+ and AAA scores with the BBB and BCA, and many more excellent reviews across the web, Augusta has amassed a huge amount of support from the customers who have worked with them. In our opinion, this is a great indicator of Augusta’s trustworthiness and expertise.

Although the initial investment with the company is quite expensive, Augusta offers a straightforward investment model with no hidden charges.


  • The company offers engaging 1-on-1 lessons on gold and silver IRAs, retirement investments, and economic studies, which is highly welcome for first-time investors.
  • The company provides its clients with lifetime support
  • The company helps to process about 95% of the paperwork, making the process fast and easy for clients.
  • The company offers an extensive purchase collection for IRA-sanctioned gold bullions and coins, including premium collector’s coins.
  • The company partners with reputable custodians for the storage of gold and other precious metals.
  • The company provides free shipping on all orders.
  • Good rollover and buyback services.


  • The minimum investment amount is $50,000 which is quite expensive compared to other precious metals IRA companies.

Reviews Overview:

BBB A+ Rating 4.9/5 from 109 reviews
TrustLink4.9/5 Rating From 283 reviews
BCAAAA Rating 5/5 from 95 reviews
Consumer Affairs4.9/5 Rating From 129 reviews
Google Reviews4.9/5 Rating From 294 reviews

2. Goldco

Open Account
Best for Low Fees
Star rating: 4.91
Minimum IRA Account: $25,000
Eligible Precious Metals: Gold and Silver

Why We Picked It

Goldco is a gold IRA company that has withstood the test of time since its founding in 2006, and the years of experience show how the company operates. The company’s strong ethical standards and excellent customer service are some of the reasons why the company is highly recommended by famous media personalities such as Chuck Norris, Ben Stein, and Sean Hannity.

Goldco is an excellent gold IRA company, especially for clients looking to roll over their investments from traditional IRAs such as 401(k) and 403(b). The company also places great emphasis on its buyback program, which is excellent for when you wish to liquidate your gold. While the company doesn’t offer direct 1-on-1 education on precious metals IRAs, they offer sufficient resources including a guideline, through which you can gain a fairly strong understanding of gold IRAs. Many notable media personalities would recommend Goldco as their chosen gold IRA company and so do we.


  • “Company of the Year” two years straight from the American Business Awards
  • Strong and well-established buyback program.
  • More than a decade of experience in the industry.
  • Strong, dedicated customer support.
  • Works with reputable precious metals storage companies.
  • The company is well-known for its solid ethical standards.


  • The minimum investment of $25,000 is fairly expensive.
  • The company only offers investment in gold and silver.

Reviews Overview:

BBB A+ Rating 441 Reviews
TrustLink4.8/5 Stars 253 Reviews
Consumer Affairs4.8/5 Stars 1,160 Reviews
Google Reviews4.9/5 Stars 1,231 Reviews
TrustPilot4.8/5 Stars 1043 Reviews

3. American Hartford Gold

Open Account
Best for Diverse Storage Options
Star rating: 4.88
Minimum IRA Account: $10,000
Eligible Precious Metals: Gold, Silver and Platinum

Why We Picked It

The American Hartford Gold company is an excellent example of a precious metals IRA company with a strong vision. While the company is young, the professionals working in the company are specialized and experienced, providing clients with much-needed advice, especially for amateur investors. The company places great emphasis on client security and confidentiality and is very particular in the measures it takes to guarantee this.

American Hartford Gold has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has a 5-star customer satisfaction rating on multiple review platforms like Trustpilot and Google. Additionally, American Hartford Gold has has been ranked as the #1 Gold Company by the prestigious Inc. 5000’s 2021 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

American Hartford Gold is the only precious metals company recommended by Bill O’Reilly, Rick Harrison and Lou Dobbs.


  • The company offers a minimum investment of $10,000 which is affordable for most American investors.
  • The company offers a completely free IRA rollover when setting up a gold IRA account.
  • The company places a strong emphasis on the security of its client’s information and property.
  • The company employs a team of experienced professionals with vast knowledge and expertise to guide investors, be they experienced or amateurs.
  • The company offers free non-descript shipping services to its clients.


  • The company doesn’t offer prices on its digital product catalog.

Reviews Overview:

BBB A+ 361 Reviews
Consumer Affairs4.9/5 Stars 54 Reviews in 2022
Google Reviews4.9/5 Stars 478 Reviews
TrustPilot5/5 Stars 1124 Reviews

4. Birch Gold Group

Open Account
Best for Precious Metals Selection
Star rating: 4.83
Minimum IRA Account: $25,000
Eligible Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

Why We Picked It

The Birch Gold Group company was founded in 2003 and is one of the gold IRA companies with the greatest recognition. In its over two decades of operation, the company has set itself as a reputable company, especially with endorsements from personalities such as Ben Shapiro and Steve Bannon.

The Birch Gold Group is a strong company with a solid backing that has experienced the tides of time. That means that it has withstood most challenges that young companies have not and is therefore well-adjusted for any eventualities. The company places a significant focus on client education, although that education isn’t targeted or personal. Nevertheless, clients can still learn a lot from the qualified specialists invited by the company.


  • The company has a low minimum investment of $10,000, which is an acceptable range for most American investors.
  • The company waives the fees for any transfers of up to $50,000 for the first year.
  • The company offers enough educational material and provides clients with opportunities to increase their knowledge after opening an account with their experts who share insights on precious metals investments.
  • The company allows investors to choose where they want their gold stored by partnering up with reputable custodians.
  • Rollover and strong buyback programs.


  • The company doesn’t offer online purchases.
  • Although the company provides clients with a free info kit, it doesn’t offer direct access to specialists who can advise on gold IRA and similar investments.

Reviews Overview:

BBB A+ 72 Reviews
TrustLink4.9/5 Stars 129 Reviews
TrustPilot4.9/5 Stars 125 Reviews
BCAAAA 7 Reviews
Google Reviews4.8/5 Stars 220 Reviews

5. Noble Gold Group

Open Account
Best for Small Accounts
Star rating: 4.81
Minimum IRA Account: $2,000
Eligible Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

Why We Picked It

The Noble Gold Group was founded in 2017 and is one of the youngest but most reputable precious metals IRA companies in the industry. The company’s founders have over 2 decades of experience in the industry, which is why the company functions with the integrity and professionalism it has come to be known for. The intent of Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume when founding the company was to provide investors with a haven, and the company has focused its attention on the clients instead of interests thus far.

The Noble Gold Group is a company with a strong drive to provide clients with the safest and most reliable gold IRA investment platform. The company goes a long way in ensuring that you have all the information you need upfront, with a very informative FAQs section on its website. Moreover, they have very reliable customer support. The company offers the lowest minimum investment requirement of any of the companies we evaluated, which proves its dedication to choosing clients over interests.


  • The company places a strong emphasis on its clients and goes to great lengths to cater to them and protect their investments.
  • The company provides both segregated and non-segregated storage options, which allows the clients to choose based on their circumstances and interests.
  • The company offers one of the most affordable minimum investment limits at only $2,000 for IRA purchases and $5,000 for non-IRA purchases.
  • The company has a reliable, easily accessible, and friendly customer support system to cater to its client’s needs.
  • The company has a dedication to customer education.
  • Good rollover and buyback programs.


  • The company doesn’t have an engagement with TrustPilot.
  • The company offers limited storage options with only Texas as its storage location.

Reviews Overview:

BBB A+ 44 Reviews
TrustLink5 Stars 123 Reviews
 Consumer Affairs4.9/5 Stars 148 Reviews
BCAAA 4 Reviews
Google Reviews4.9/5 Stars 308 Reviews

6. Patriot Gold Group

Best for Diverse Storage Options
Star rating: 4.77
Minimum IRA Account: $25,000
Eligible Precious Metals: Gold and Silver

Why We Picked It

The Patriot Gold Group is a precious metals IRA company that was founded in 1986, making it the oldest company on this list. Patriot Gold Group is famed for having one of the fastest and most efficient setup processes.

Patriot Gold Group is an excellent solution for those looking for an experienced precious metals IRA for their retirement investments. Although there are aspects that we don’t like about the company, they are really for better convenience.


  • Outstanding customer service
  • Decades of experience handling gold IRAs
  • Numerous storage options
  • A minimum investment of $25,000.
  • Fast, efficient, and streamlined account setup
  • Over 3 decades of experience
  • Rollover and buyback services


  • A limited selection of precious metals with only gold and silver available
  • Their fees could be clearer on the website.

7. Oxford Gold Group

Best for Small Accounts
Star rating: 4.75
Minimum IRA Account: $7,500
Eligible Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

Why We Picked It

Oxford Gold Group was founded in 2017 and has made a name for itself in an industry that has companies with far greater history and experience. Oxford Gold Group places significant emphasis on their customer service and educating their clients on precious metals IRAs.

While the company is relatively young, Oxford Gold Group has gone to great lengths to compete with established giants in the precious metals industry. Although there are issues here and there, such as with their deliveries, the Oxford Gold Group is a company that is worth investing in for those looking for gold IRAs.


  • Customer service is easily accessible and highly responsive.
  • A minimum investment of $7,500 for IRA purchases and $1,500 for non-IRA purchases
  • Good rollover and buyback programs
  • Oxford Gold Group provides its clients with information on gold IRAs and precious metals investments.
  • They offer one of the most affordable minimum investments.
  • Excellent customer service


  • Some customers have complained that they have late deliveries.

Methodology (Our selection criteria)

Gold IRA Companies Reviews

To come up with a factual review for best gold IRA companies, we have inspected gold IRA reviews done on the companies on sites such as BBB, BCA, Trustlink, Consumer Affairs, and TrustPilot. Through that, we are able to gauge a company’s trustworthiness online and what actual customers have to say about them.


At the end of the day, what our readers want is to make money out of their investments. Therefore, one of our most important criteria when evaluating these companies is whether the prices they offer are competitive enough. Keep in mind that some companies, while expensive, offer services very much worth their price.

Rollover and buyback programs

The rollover service allows clients to move their investments from their traditional IRAs to their gold IRAs. Although the service is subject to tax and withdrawal regulations, a qualified gold IRA company needs to implement it.

Equally important, is the buyback service which allows the client to liquidate their gold without complications.

Focus on education

Not every client is experienced in gold IRAs. Therefore, the company needs to focus on educating its customers, whether directly through professionals or indirectly through info kits.

Strong customer support

The customer support systems of the company must be efficient, responsive, informative, readily available and of course, confidential.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Gold IRA Company?

Your individual requirements should be the primary focus when selecting your gold IRA company. You should consider how well a company matches your investment profile and caters to your needs.

The information resources offered by the company should be high on your list of considerations – is the website user-friendly? Are the educational resources easy to use and do they provide sufficient information? You can also consider how responsive the customer service is, as well as the promotions and bonuses offered by the company, since they go a long way in reducing your fees.

Don’t forget of course to inform yourself on the level of consumer trust the company has in the industry. Customer reviews are an excellent way to get factual information on a company’s activity.


What is a Gold IRA?

A gold IRA is a retirement investment account that allows you to invest in precious metals such as gold instead of more traditional options such as stocks and bonds. Unlike other investment options, you get to own physical gold, which is where the benefits lie. However, unlike other precious metals investments where you can hold your gold at home, the IRS imposes tax reporting, record-keeping, and gold storage requirements, making it a requirement to work with precious metals IRA companies as custodians for your assets. As such, you can see the importance of choosing the best gold IRA company.

Are gold IRAs a good idea?

According to many experts – Yes. A gold IRA provides an excellent solution to hedge against inflation

How much does it cost to start a gold IRA?

That depends on the precious metals IRA company of choice.

How does a gold IRA work?

A gold IRA turns your retirement investment into IRS-approved bullions, bars, and coins of physical precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

Can gold be held in an IRA?

No. Gold and other precious metals can only be stored by IRS-approved precious metals storage companies in a gold IRA. Depending on the storage company, you can visit the gold or get pictures and videos.

What is the best gold IRA company?

This is a matter of personal preference. You should go through our list to pick out a company that works best for your requirements.

What are the pros and cons of a gold IRA?

Gold IRA allows you to cushion against inflation and economic uncertainty, provides tax advantages similar to other IRAs, and it is easier to store physical metals. Unfortunately, they also charge higher fees to other IRAs and are more volatile as an investment, especially in terms of illiquidity.

How much should you invest in a gold IRA?

5% – 15% is the most common gold IRA investment range.

How is a gold IRA taxed?

Gold IRAs receive similar tax advantages as other IRAs. The catch is that there are more regulations. For instance, physical ownership of the gold is denied, and the penalty for early withdrawal is 10%.