25 Proven Strategies for Trading Options

25 Proven Strategies for Trading Options

Currently trading options on futures, or are interested in exploring them further? Check out the CME Group 25 Proven Strategies guide on trading options. This useful illustrated guide explains 25 key options trading strategies including:

1. Long Futures
2. Short Futures
3. Long Synthetic Futures
4. Short Synthetic Futures
5. Long Risk Reversal (AKA Squash or Combos)
6. Short Risk Reversal (AKA Squash or Combos)
7. Long Call
8. Short Call
9. Long Put
10.Short Put
11.Bull Spread
12. Bear Spread
13. Long Butterfly
14. Short Butterfly
15. Long Iron Butterfly
16. Short Iron Butterfly
17. Long Straddle
18. Short Straddle
19. Long Strangle
20. Short Strangle
21. Ratio Call Spread
22. Ratio Put Spread
23. Call Ratio Backspread
24. Put Ratio Backspread
25. Box or Conversion

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Trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all individuals. Past Performance is not indicative of future results.